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Fresno’s Toughest Lawyer

Fresno's Toughest Lawyer



Who is Fresno's Toughest Lawyer?


Fresno is the county seat of Fresno County in California. In 2015, the cpopulation was 520,159 making it the 5th biggest city in California, the largest non-costal city in California and the 34th biggest city in the United States.Fresno is in the center of California's Central Valley and is the largest city in the valley. It is about 200 miles north of Los Angeles, and 170 miles south of Sacramento.The name Fresno means 'ash tree' in Spanish, and an ash leaf is featured on the city's flag.


Fresno has a thriving community of attorneys working in the following areas of legal expertise:

  • Bankruptcy & Debt
  • Business
  • Civil Rights
  • Criminal Defense
  • Divorce & Separation
  • DUI & SWI
  • Employment & Labor
  • Estate Planning
  • FamilyForeclosure
  • Consumer Protection
  • Immigration
  • Landlord & Tenant
  • Lawsuits & Disputes
  • Personal Injury
  • Real Estate
  • Speeding & Traffic Ticket
  • Tax


When you are choosing a lawyer to represent you in a legal matter, you want someone you can communicate with, someone who understands your problem...but mostly you want an attorney that is a bulldog. You want someone who will fight for you harder than you are able to fight for yourself.That's the point of having a lawyer, you want a tough lawyer. The other side will surely have representation and they want to beat you and keep you from getting what you want.That's why, if you live in Fresno, CA, you want to hire Fresno's Toughest Lawyer to represent you.


There are tough lawyers in all of these areas in Fresno, but if you want to know who is Fresno's Toughest Lawyer, you will want to go to http://www.fresnostoughestlawyer.com.

You'll be glad you did.